Mr. Augustine Odia Isikhuemen

General Manager, Commercial Services, PGD, MBA.

He joined Trans-world Security Systems on 26th September 2021 as part of the company’s plan to strengthen its leadership team bringing along a lot of management and multifaceted industry roles experiences. He is currently the Head, Commercial Services leading marketing and sales.

Mr. Isikhuemen is a graduate of the University of Benin where he had B.Sc. Biochemistry, PGD Computer Science and MBA. He also trained in the Institute and Guild of Brewing of London where he got Diploma Brewer and Master Brewer qualifications.

Guinness Nigeria where he played several roles as follows:

Manufacturing Lead/Supply Process Manager, Packaging Manager, Production Manager, Production Services Manager, Training & Technical Development Manager etc.

In the course of this job, Mr. Isikhuemen trained in several countries in Africa and Europe such as Kenya, Cameroun, Ghana, South Africa, Spain, UK, Ireland.

He also had a ten-year experience in Nigeria Security Printing and Minting PLC managing the printing of banknotes. This experience also included training in Netherlands, Switzerland and several technical seminars, workshops and conferences.