About Transworld

Established in 1980, Trans-World Security is the foremost professional asset protection firm in the West African sub-region.  We are with you at every step of the way, from designing and supplying security equipment, to installation of security and safety systems.  As foremost experts, we are regularly engaged by banks, oil firms, manufacturing firm’s architects, engineers, electrical contractors and builders on design and specifications of various systems.

What Differentiates us

As a firm established in the 1980s, we are a pioneers with a deep well of experience built over several decades in the Industry. Undaunted by change we have evolved and adapted as the security landscape of today is as dynamic as ever.

We started as a purely Systems and Consulting firm from the U.S . But we have continued to diversify and add on new products like Guard Services and Trainings facilitated by our Training subsidiary; School of Management & Security. 

Transworld has set the pace in Security Certification, by bringing ASIS Certification to the West African shores. Our Founder, Dr Ona Ekhomu, was the first to attain the Certified Protection Professional Certification( CPP). We are the African Representative for IFPO( International Foundation For Protection Officers from Naples, Florida) . IFPO , gives International Security Certification, such as CPO( Certified Protection Officers), CSSM(Certified Security Supervisors & Management).

Our School of Management also conducts several Security Short Courses . We perform Verification , Background Vetting and Due Diligence for several multinationals.


SINCE 1980


Trans-World has continued to lead the way in proffering solutions for our endemic security challenges, by our Founder Dr Ona Ekhomu, who was continually featured on electronic media, and print media addressing these challenges. Dr Ona even wrote several books such as: “ Kidnap: Face to Face with Death”, “ Boko Haram: the Security Considerations” and “ Effective Corporate Security” He also wrote columns in Punch & This Day, tagged “ Red Alert”. Dr Ona Ekhomu, and Dr Victoria Ekhomu, were one of the few Nigerians to give lectures at the ASIS International Annual Security Conferences in the U.S , now GSX, Due to our expertise, University of Lagos & University of Benin also got Dr Ona Ekhomu to lecture Security in their universities.

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Our Vision

Securing your world so you can focus on the rest.

Our Mission

To make the world a safer place leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver best in class security solutions.

Unique Approach


The first step of the security process is Observation, what asset needs the most protection and where are the most weak points


Think like an assailant, in what ways are we vulnerable and how can we most likely to expect a threat?


Deploy the most appropriate threat deterrents to ensure client's assets are protected

Our Guards

Board of Directors

Chief Dr Mrs Victoria Ekhomu

Managing Director/CEO


Ona Ekhomu MBA

Executive Director


Dr Omonigho Ekhomu

non executive Director

Edowaye Adaba, MBA

Executive Director

Chef Obehi El-Herfi, B.A

non executive Director

Engr. Ogbeni Ekhomu

non executive Director

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